Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hello world

While I soon start to work in Affecto, one of the largest business intelligence companies in Northern Europe, it's a good moment to start blogging about BI.

About my background, I have 16 years of history in business intelligence. All these years I've been in the developer side, creating an OLAP tool Voyant. I'm proud to tell that the software has been appreciated by customers for its ease of use and productivity, nevertheless it has not gained a big success.

Data visualization is one of my key interests, so my goal is to include an image or two in every posting. The next one is a dashboard I once made to express Voyant's elegant customizable web interface (click here for an online web demo).

For those of you being technically interested, Voyant relies on lightweight Java applets in the browser environment (three applets in the example above). The Server version delivers data between database and applets. The Designer and Analyst desktop versions are for specifying report objects and their interaction.

Outside of data visualization (and Voyant), I'll plan to write about good and bad sides of those OLAP/BI tools I'll be working with as a consultant during the following months.

I hope my BI background will help me see and write about business intelligence in a fresh way.

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